Athlete Appreciation || Nolan Ryan

I see a fascinating paradox when watching high level athletes perform. An observer can make a strong case that what they’re witnessing is effortless and free, yet at the same time can be described as contained, grounded, and giving max effort.

I think Nolan Ryan is a pretty perfect example. His mechanics look silky smooth, yet the players on the field, fans in the stands, and even the viewers watching a television broadcast of the game could hear a loud grunt being exclaimed from the pitcher’s mound every time his right arm propelled a fastball toward home plate. To this day, his fastball is still regarded as legendary and his longevity in the major leagues was also something to be marveled at.

Nolan Ryan Pitching for California Angels (recorded from The History Channel)

About the Athlete Appreciation blog posts: I think watching an elite-level athlete compete can be a similar experience as viewing an artistic masterpiece in motion. Sports helped plant a seed in my mind for appreciating the fine and nuanced details that are a part of all aspects of life. Also, it’s pretty amazing to see what humans are capable and among these posts are athletes who’ve served as inspirations.